A small, porcelain angel believed to be out-of-date and unneeded, is added to a yard sale table. By the time Jessica realizes the importance and significance of the little angel, it disappeared. Angels at the Yardsale is an inspirational story of love hope and friendship. And angels whether human or inanimate can make a huge difference in someone's life.

When all is right with the world, even a careful man like Harry Hannigan can jinx his luck and complain about the smallest things. But forgetting your fortune in life is like charming a snake. It can twist and bite. What starts as an amusing drizzle of misadventure, quickly rages into a flood that threatens all that was Harry's own. A series of mishaps and a leisurely drive, escalate into fraud, robbery, a shoot out, and much much more. Once Harry's world crumbles, can he regain what was lost? Can he learn to live and love again? When everything else is gone, remember to "Pick Up Your Halo, Harry."

The Church of Whosoever: Extra Grace Required follows the intersecting lives of LGBT Christians as they strive to express their faith and cope with the after-effects of their pastor's heart attack. Among the congregants are a single grandmother, evicted from her home and marginalized by her family, wondering what comes next; a lesbian couple struggling to be good foster parents to a young man who's discovering his way; an African-American female impersonator returning to COW after a long absence and finding the love of his life; a dual-gendered man, whose son runs away after finding him dressed in women's clothes, giving these clothes to Goodwill and vowing to play it straight; a nameless chain-smoker lurking in the church's shadows and imagining the worst; and diverse others - whose stories touch upon the challenges faced by LGBT Christians as they strive to embrace and share God's love and reconcile themselves to a world that often doesn't support them - collectively considering how to respond to their long-serving pastor's imminent retirement.


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