Experience the terror of being a twenty-year-old crewman on a B-17 bomber as you do battle with enemy fighters, anti-aircraft cannons, and the body numbing cold of high altitude daylight bombing in WWII. Experience the thrill of a young man who makes the abrupt change from a farm laborer in a rural community to one who hunts Nazi spies who have infiltrated General Dwight Eisenhower's staff in London. 

Jack and Charlie are two of the millions of farm boys who drop their bales of hay and join the Army or Navy in 1943 because it was the right thing to do. The lifelong friends serve together in basic training, but are separated to pursue additional military training that fit their individual talents. Mere weeks after their separation, Jack finds himself assigned to his dream job, gunner on a B-17 crew that makes regular bombing runs over Germany. Charlie is disappointed to be assigned to 'company clerk' school, but soon finds himself assigned to General Dwight Eisenhower's staff at allied headquarters in London.

A perfect confluence of events brings the two friends back together during a time of critical planning for the D-Day invasion of Europe. In the midst of a Nazi attack on the D-Day planners, the two young men carry out incredible acts of heroism that ultimately save the invasion plans, and possibly, the entire war effort against Hitler and his Nazi regime. Medals for valor are considered for the two men, but a decision is made at the highest levels that public knowledge of the pair's actions would be detrimental to the war effort. 

The two soldiers' meritorious service to their country and the world is forgotten...almost. 

"Unspoken Valor" is a thriller that puts the reader right into the action of WWII. Historically accurate in many scenes, some of the combat sequences are reflective of military reports and personal letters and blogs of actual combatants. The historical novel is written to provide entertainment along with an education from a soldier's perspective about the bravery, terror, and self-sacrifice experienced in war. Sometimes heroism is lost to history. "Unspoken Valor" is a tribute to the many whose valor may have gone unrecognized.

Este Rafan, a young man raised in poverty in a fictional, Middle Eastern country, rises to become the country's leader. He ramrods water projects for the desert country, he electrifies Malfon, and builds a military that sensitizes nearly everyone.

Innocent Eyes is an engaging work of historical fiction about Irene, a young girl living in the French Province of Alsace during World War II. In 1939 life in Irene's peaceful village of Kaschel comes under attack, and Irene's family is forced to evacuate their home. Fearing a Nazi invasion, they are given two hours to leave. In Innocent Eyes, master storyteller Doyle Suit paints a vivid picture of life under Nazi rule seen through the eyes of a small child. Rich in period details, Innocent Eyes is a story of the power of love to overcome evil and the unbreakable bonds of family to survive in a turbulent world. Donna Volkenannt, Erma Bombeck Global Humor Award Winner

How does a five-year-old little French girl try to make sense of the Nazi invasion of her small hometown? Can she adapt to a new language and strange rules? Hushed conversations between her parents give her a secret hope that perhaps their oppression will not last forever. Author Doyle Suit lets the child speak for herself with earnestness and humor, telling her own story through Innocent Eyes. Marcia Gaye, author and poet, Deanna Wagner and OCW Awards Winner


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