Many poems selected for this gathering clearly begin as the poet's and end as that reader's who is likely to be saying repeatedly, "This must be about me!" Welcome to some good hours with friends you may not have known you had ~Miller Williams. For lovers of poetry and history, this 80th anniversary anthology will prove invaluable. The Poets' Roubntable is an Arkansas treasure, an energy field. The poems--wise, humorous, playful, tinged with sorrow--echo the human condition in clear, often earthy discourse. All celebrate life at its fullest; some will break your heart. ~Jo McDougall This gathering of 80 years of poetry by members of the Poets' Roundtable provides a generous trove. Wander through its fertile fields and discover many satisfactions: poems grounded in the human need to tell stories--sometimes satisfyingly tame, sometimes wildly inventive, but always that evoke emotion. ~Andrea Hollander Budy Since the Poets' Roundtable of Arkansas was founded in 1931, its members have been writing, without knowing it, an essential history of Arkansas. This is not the sort of history we read about in textbooks, or even the newspaper; it's the history of the inner lives of some of our state's most thoughtful and talented citizens. I urge you to read their history; if you do, I'm sure you'll find it's your history too. ~David Jaus

This is a book of poetry, 80 free verse poems dealing with nature and children with an emphasis on being spiritual.


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