In 1966, Mary Margaret Butler (MM) knows she's in trouble when Aunt Lutie leaves her the Blue Moon Cafe in Harts Corner, Texas. Even in death, Aunt Lutie refuses to let MM have her own way and pushes her toward a romance with Miguel Kinkaid, the new deputy sheriff. As MM delves into the newly burgeoning world of drugs, she discovers two half-buried bodies in the river bank. As she questions people she's known all her life, she realizes Harts Corner has more secrets than Texas has cows. MM must put aside everything she thought she knew about her home town and find the killer in their midst, before her own death becomes another one of those small town secrets. Aunt Lutie's Blue Moon Cafe, embellished with humor, murder, and townsfolk readers will find hard to forget.

 As a young girl, Billie Jean’s childhood started off on the dark side when her mother ran off with another man while her father was in the service.
       Raised by her grandparents and her father, she has a good childhood in spite of her mother’s absence.
    It takes an idyllic turn when she marries the love of her life. As a typical southern family, they have their struggles, moments of joy, and extreme   sadness. When her husband is taken from her in a tragic accident, her life takes an even darker turn. 
Struggling to make ends meet for her and her two children, she reconnects with a childhood boyfriend, eventually marrying once again.
Although her new husband isn’t the love of her life, Billie Jean is satisfied and content until a  horrifying secret reveals the darkest side of all...and nothing will ever be the same again.


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