The stories I have collected for this book are stark reminders of just how illusive back roads can be.

Logan's Mountain tells of a woman who thought she knew her husband well. But when he failed to return home from work one morning, Cora feared the worst.

A Book for Samuel is a tragic tale of a mother's love. Miranda Dalton was determined to raise her child on her own, but she hadn't counted on getting sick. The lessons his mother taught him about survival were never meant for acts of revenge. However, desperate times called for desperate measures and thanks to a tiny little girl and a muddy green frog, Samuel gained the courage to retaliate.

Robbery at the Dollar General. When Ellie Crawford took the oath as a nurse she took her profession very serious. She would have never imagined just how that very oath would test her own will to live. 

Till Death Do Us Part is a story of a true test of vows.

Not everything happens in big cities. On the back roads of any state, there is intrigue, mystery, and stories no one knows.

"Six For the Road" is an incredible collection of short stories that really grabs you right from the start. I have yet to put it down from the first story about a man who quits his job and goes out into the 'real world' to build his own detective agency. Plenty of surprises are in store for the reader as they progress through the variety of stories and experiences of the characters - I cant recommend enough! The author has incredible style, and an awareness of the world that is very satisfying for the reader.
This is a must buy!

Controversies swirling around sports figures Serena Williams, Colin Kaepernick, Olympian Ryan Lochte; tough talk from columnist Molly Ivins on gun control, Oprah on the #metoo movement, and Maya Angelou on living an authentic life as an older woman - these are a few of the Four Ticket Rides author Sheila Morris shares in her version of a literary amusement park for thrill seeking readers. Of course, new stories of everyday life with her wife Pretty add spice to any collection of her work.

Sheila Morris was born and raised in rural Grimes County, Texas and although she has lived in South Carolina for more than 45 years, her Texas roots still run deep and wide. She credits her storytelling abilities to her grandmother Betha on her daddy's side.


The fiber art--quilters, knitters, weavers, and spinners all find a place in this heart warming and enriching collection of short stories. As a craftsman in both story telling and fiber arts, Ms. King delivers stories to touch the heart and entertain

Jonathan Joyner

If you want a good laugh, OUT LOUD, read this book! Full of crazy, Southern antics, and lots of "WHAT in the world were they thinking?!!" moments. Enjoyed the book immensely, and can't wait for the sequel!!

Reading Sherri Perry is like hopping in your grandaddy’s ‘54 Chevy and riding high into the sunset. Whether set inside a child’s hospital room, tornado alley, or the streets of a mega-city, her stories glitter. 

~Stephanie Elizondo Griest~

100 Places Every Woman Should Go

Like the flash of the camera, each short story captures a moment of lives in Los Angeles, past and present. From Latino and Armenian families to Russian immigrants, the diverse groups which are uniquely L.A. that deal with vendettas, brujas (witches), and karmic paybacks in their daily lives. Adults and children face unexpected turns of events, which not only give endings a twist, but offer a keener sense of the character's emotions: the young teen testing the allure of her new body, the terminal cancer patient trying to make amends, the social worker assessing the homeboy seeking custody of his child, the young mother hitchhiking with babies across the country. Although fiction, the authenticity of the stories derives from an element in each that was inspired by an actual situation experienced by or shared with the author by family, friends, colleagues, former students, and even a taxi driver in the midst of a long drive across the city. These pieces of people's lives all form the mosaic that is Los Angeles.


As a Professor Emerita in the Department of Social Welfare at UCLA, Diane deAnda's work has appeared in numerous literary journals. She also served as editor of The Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work, which enabled her to bring these short stories to life.

With these brilliant and profoundly affecting short tales, William Baer resurrects the long-lost art of clearly and gracefully telling deeply meaningful stories of engaging, memorable, and purposeful plots with themes of enduring moral virtue. His clarity of thought and historical perspective places him in the tradition of Chekhov’s masterful characterizations, of Tolstoy’s truthful parables, and of Gogol’s vision of justice and redemption. One-and-Twenty Tales is a truly astonishing accomplishment in which the author reinvigorates the beauty and wisdom of the great storytelling tradition and the enduring wisdom of our cultural past. These stories, both realistic and redeeming, are timeless and true, and in reading them we are uplifted intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Bravo!

Samuel Maio 

author of The Burning of Los Angeles

 These hand-picked treasures from the blogs of Sheila Morris showcase her humor and heart while immersing the reader in the day-to-day life and decades of experience offered by a lesbian now on the "short side of time." Morris loves her sports teams, the written word, and her friends. What means the most to her, though, is family, including her partner Teresa, her dogs, and her late grandmother. Morris' lively and thoughtful voice draws readers into the drama of her Texas upbringing, as well as how recent milestones for the LGBT community have contributed to her life.

Luanne Castle, author of Doll God

Love this book.....the characters are genuine, insightful, and have depth. I loved that the book was such a buffet of different kinds of writing, including prose, fiction, and autobiographical pieces. I especially liked the character, Miss Henrietta and her invisible doors. Some of the stories really made you stop and "think" about life and our choices, the pathes we take, and even the consequences. The book is filled with wit and charm. I also loved the fact that the stories are short, making it easy to read a few, put it down, and come back to something new and different. Each one was a delightful surprise

~Vicki Glantz~

FAITH---What do a professional gambler, a small time preacher and Almighty God all have in common? Perhaps nothing at all but then again more than you might think.

THE LONG WAY HOME---Every day is a mystery and the simplest of actions or events can lead to unexpected consequences. A man buys a set of books at an estate sale for his personal mystery collection and in the process unlocks a curious mystery of his own.

LIKE A CLOUD OF FIRE---Virgil, the ancient Roman poet, wrote "Love Conquers All". Sometimes it is difficult to know if that is true. At times love can play the part of a thief.

THE MELODY OF CHANCE---A chance meeting with interesting results. On the surface the outcome would seem tragically predictable.

ON THE NIGHT REMEMBERED---Love and hate are said to be two sides of the same coin. Is one stronger than the other and when the two are pitted one against the other who can predict the winner?

A ROSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR---The season of Christmas is a time of joy and hope. It also serves as an end to the calendar year in turn signaling a new beginning in the near future. This Christmas story ends this collection with joy, hope, mystery and magic.

Someone once said that priests weren't supposed to be tough. But when dealing with people from all walks of life, priests, as well as ministers, have to be tough to help those people through their sorrow and pain. It can be a rare occasion to celebrate their joys and happiness, but Father Bill is both tough and compassionate.
From the first day Father Bill took over the parish in St. Francis, Missouri, he found out that life in the country is a lot different from life in the big city. Deciding fishing was a great way to get to know the people in the county, Father Bill invited a landowner to fish in his own pond, thwarted two men with a gun who invaded the rectory, helped a young man come into his own and solved a years old murder.
Getting to know the people in the county, Father Bill goes the extra mile for each of them in some way. Tough, yes, but Father Bill is the epitome of a Catholic priest.


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